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Master Carpenter S. Peter Torrance, a    fifth generation Lake Placid native, has an Adirondack family heritage dating back to the 18th century. His family’s dairy farm, now the Torrance Construction headquarters, is located just before Adirondack Log Road in Lake Placid. The farmhouse itself has been in his family since his great-grandfather built it in 1876.

    Having grown up working on the Great Camps of Lake Placid, Peter watched as some of wealthiest people of the nation were told they could not achieve the dreams they envisioned for their Great Adirondack Camps.

Discovering a niche in the industry, Peter decided to challenge these notions by combining his knowledge of the Adirondacks, with his keen eye for innovation. As a result, Peter managed to build amazing feats of architecture in some of the most desolate and untouched areas of the Adirondack Park.

    In 1976, Peter recruited the help of his younger brother Rollie and from there the business took off. Today with the help of his sons, and various other craftsmen from around the Adirondacks, Torrance Construction has become one of the most highly esteemed contracting firms in northern New York.

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